Separate recording of each participant through Jigasi can be done or not?

This one year old topic has comment like,

Does your use case require video or only audio? Audio can be recorded in separate streams with jigasi (with minor modifications).

Is it possible to get separate audio recording from Jigasi?
Can we do something here?

I’m looking for something similar, can this be done?

So, I’m not sure if your use case absolutely requires Jigasi; if not, just an FYI that this can be done easily in Jitsi Meet with the “Local Recording” feature.

Do you mean each participant based recording where only that user audio/video is recording can be achieved with “Local recording”?

Just the audio - yes.

Any way to do that on server?

anyone can help for easiest way to do this in Jigasi?

I think you should opt to use ffmpeg. You can slice out individual videos from the single video, you can split out audio and much more.

but i think Jigasi mixes audios before saving. so we can’t separate them.