Separate participants into several Videobridge

I already have 3 videobridge, but when there is a meeting with many participants all gather only on one videobridge.
I want videobridge to share its load with other videobridge, so that performance will be better and other videobridge not idle.
How can I share and separate the load of videobridge with both?

Please tell me.

Force org.jitsi.jicofo.BridgeSelector.BRIDGE_SELECTION_STRATEGY=SplitBridgeSelectionStrategy on jicofo’s

It was meant for testing, but you’re going to get exactly that.

We’ve been using it with 12 videobridges and it usually works better than RegionBased.

We tried to force IntraRegion load balancing but we found that bridges got filled until they were too loaded and a next bridge was picked for new users.



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I have tried to do it, but a warning like the following appears,

2020-06-08 01:05:52.557 WARNING: [29] org.jitsi.jicofo.bridge.BridgeSelector.log() No pub-sub node mapped for

what some wrong?

You need more config on your prosody+videobridges.



Ps: if you already have it on your videobridge config, just ignore the warning and check how many users us each videobridge handling.

If you have 3 bridges and connect 3 users, you will see 3 users on each bridge.



please let me know an example configuration that needs to be applied in my prosody & videobridge.

i have followed this instruction



If you want to test whether other videobridges work or not, use Jitsi Meet Torture project to establish fake conferences with heavy load then check Jicofo log and see whether it uses other videobridges or not.
There are lots of pages which guide you how to scale Jitsi. Please search in google and community.

You can find Octo-Bridge configuration examples on github, under JVB project’s code :slight_smile: