Separate audio outputs per user?

Hello, pardon if this is a novice question, I am new to Jitsi, have set up a sever through Debian 10.3 on Digital Ocean and have also installed Jisti-Meet Electron on my Windows that I can connect to my server. My question is, is there a way, whether api or plug-in, where I can route individual users through separate audio outputs? I’ve yet to find a way-- currently the work around I have is opening multiple browsers and setting the audio output to different virtual cables then muting all but one cable, but would love a more streamlined process if it is available. I have Putty for my digital ocean server and think I could install something if it were clearly walked through. If not, thank you for your time!

this solution would be really good, in my case, I work in a parliamentary house, and we need to separate the audios from the participants to send to tv