Sent messages using sendEndpointTextMessage() are not appearing in the chat

Hi! I am using sendEndpointTextMessage() to send a link to a participant, unfortunately the link I sent doesn’t appear in the chat box. I even set the openBridgeChannel to 'datachannel' or true. Am I missing something? Or any idea how to make it appear in the chat box? Thank you.

Here’s my code:

var to = $("#participantId").val();
var text = "";
jitsiAPI.executeCommand("sendEndpointTextMessage", to, text);

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I have this problem too
My search returned no results

I have same question
Is there anyone can solve it?
Thank you.

sendEndpointTextMessage is not about chatting. This function sends backend messages to the other “client”. The corresponding method is “endpointTextMessageReceived” is used to receive the message.
Thank you, is there any external_api for using chat room?

sendEndpointTextMessage is to send data to JVB that forwards the data to all other endpoints or a particular endpoint. The data can be send over websocket or webrtc data channel.