sendTextMessage vs sendEndpointMessage

I’m using sendEndpointMessage message to broadcast messages to all the participants but many times message link is getting broken and message is not being delivered to many participants, though audio, videos are working fine.

May I know if there is any chance of loosing messages while sending using sendTextMessage and sendEndpointMessage?

Thanks in advance for any help on this.


Hello Friends,

Not sure why but I’m not getting any reply for my any of the doubt…is there something wrong with my questions or no one else faced similar issue?

I still tried all the way but I’m finding that many times sendEndpointMessage() is not able to send message to other participants ie. ENDPOINT_MESSAGE_RECEIVED is not triggering many times. It is not happening consistently, through many times its not triggering.

Please help.

hi mcmohd,
I’m using
this.jitsi_api.executeCommand(‘sendEndpointTextMessage’, ‘’, data);
in a fairly data-heavy application. I’ve put a continuity indicator in my messages, and notice that sometimes I can get messages out of order (if I send a small message after a big message, the small one can arrive first…).
But I have not noticed any lost messages… and my app would completely break if I did (so now I will be keeping a closer eye on it).
For simplicity, I always set ‘to’ to empty (else CI gets more complex, and messages which I want to send to a single part are generally small, so I just set a field to the intended recipient, and filter on receipt).
Generally I’ve tested with 2-5 participants using
hope this experience helps in some small way…


Thank you very much Simon for your great contribution. I started using sendCommandOnce() and its working fine. But yes until I get a confirmation from others, I won’t try to use sendEndpointTextMessage().