Sending same screen/video feed to all rooms


First time poster, did a bit of searching but could not find the answer.

Is there a way to send a common feed (a screenshare for example, or a RTMP input at best) so that it renders as a user/screen in all rooms on a server?

We are looking to build a branch that would allow separate groups of people to watch the same video feed at the same time.

Thank you all! Glad to have joined this community!

how to share any video on a Jitsi session

Thank you Emrah!

Do you know of a way to then be able to stream this into 10s if not 100s of rooms at the same time? We are currently evaluating funding a branch that would allow 100s of such rooms to be created dynamically, all with that same stream “embedded” into them.

Other option we are considering is to place an iframe into every room.

Thank you!

Additional information: the “Share YouTube video” could be a great start, but then would it be possible to automatically create rooms that “force” this sharing at the server level?

This means that all rooms would have this “YouTube” user by default (and this user could not be kicked).

Manually, it’s possible to share the same video/audio source for multiple rooms. For example someone can connect to many conferences at the same time using multiple Chrome tabs and share the same video/audio source as media device.

SInce it’s possible manually, it should be a way to automize it.