Sending popup to moderator

Hello community,

Background: Secure domain + JWT.

I have a web application, generating the JWT.
Authoriszed person is asked for:

  • his name in the room
  • room name
  • lobby enabed
  • Room pass-phrase

So I offer as result a link WITH JWT to the Jitsi infrastructure and the moderator can jump into the room or send the link to other moderators (e.g email).

I think, I was able to write a module mod_MyCompany.lua, adding to the “VirtualHost” → modules_enabled for the authorised domain.
The module is at the end of modules_enabled list. With hook(‘muc-occupant-pre-join’, myCode) I analyze the JWT and enable the lobby and/or set the password for the room,
when the first moderator is appearing.
It already works fine.

My problem: if I want have multiple moderators, but all moderators are using the “link with JWT” from my web application, all moderators named the same way, because
all moderators are have same JWT. Example is: sending this information to moderator colleagues by email. So a group of moderators can launch the meeting. First moderator is opening the room.

I like send a hint to the moderator, when joining the room and remember to manually set the user name.
Something like a “popup”. Example would be “a guest is knocking from the lobby” and a moderator can let him join.
So in my case: “Hello Moderator, welcome to your meeting, you maybe change your nick name in this room”.

As a Jitsi and Lua beginner, I was not able to fully understand how to achieve this.

Any hints?


You can create different links/tokens for all moderators which contain the correct username

Hi emrah. Thanks, this is my second approach.
But do you have any hint, how I can create a popup like the “knocking” from lobby?

no idea