Sending message from Jitsi-meet instance to Web server

Hi there, and first thing first, the warmest thank you to Jitsi team again.

What I want to achieve : get my jitsi-meet instance notifies my web server whenever a room is left by anyone. Because leaving conferences is not permitted on our platform. Or at least not too much and we need to monitor that real-time, wether it is active hangup, connexion lost or even computer unplugged.

Background :

Web @ :
JMInstance @:
If that matters : both are on different machines and IPs, and I want to rely on FQDN only.

There is an available GET endpoint on my webServer to listen to room left notifications, store infos in DB etc. :

I use the external API to include conference’s iframes in my web page, with JWT connection only.
That’s working great and smooth, which is already impressive !

At this point I have to rely on events sent to JS API, which I ajax-forward to :…&participant-id=….
to know who has left the room and when.

The problems are obvious :
1/ JS data sent by clients has to be distrusted, and are not acceptable in my scenario.
2/ Anyway I rely on remaining participants to get information (Are there none of them, I have no record. Are there more than 1 left, then I have duplicate and almost simultaneous requests that I must filter).

It’s ok for testing but BAD by nature.

So, is there a simple way to get the Jitsi-meet server send the participant-left messages to with the room name and participant ID, at the same time it notifies all other participants ? (changing few lines in a .lua or .js file on the server fit the “simple way” category, developing a whole new module doesn’t at current time. But if it’s the only solution better knowing it).

Even knowing what component should do this (Jicofo ? Prosody ? some other component ?) would help a lot.

If I missed something in the doc that makes this available out-or almost out-of the box, my apologies.

maybe an idea could be to extend this to add messages to the reservation system for participant joined/left. It certainly don’t fit the ‘easy’ label though. Once you contributed this to Jitsi it would fit the easy label for the external app, for you but also for your possible competitors. It’s your call.

Well thank you @gpatel-fr !
Not totally simple indeed, but in fact the reservation REST API as a whole can do many things I had to implement anyway, and in a more logical and consistent way. So I can invest a little more of my time on that. Using AND extending seems ok. Probably a lot of tweaking and testing, but it seems worth the pain.
I discarded the whole thing first because the name “Reservation” didn’t caught my attention.

Actually the ‘helping your competitors’ is off, I had never checked the license and it’s Apache licensed so you can develop your own fork and keep everything for yourself if that’s what you want.