Sending files

hello guys remarkable project, I finally managed to install the latest version a question is sending the files in the chat in anticipation of development?

Nope, this is out of scope of the project for now, as you can use other services for that and just send a link to participants. There are many services dedicated to distributing files, we focus on audio and video conferencing.

ok it would have been interesting while in a meeting to be able to send a file … cmq you are great I wanted to ask you a question today I installed the jitsi web and I made the SIP protocol recording the video call what does it support?

Not sure what you mean here?

Resolved! :slight_smile: another question to record a video on an internal server what should I edit I can’t find the section

Hello damencho
is there a way to see the connection logs

nginx logs or prosody logs.

solved this too, but now I can’t configure the registration on an internal server quidni without the help of dropbx