Sending data while everything is mute


When I am in a group call in Jitsi Meet, and I mute my microphone and camera, I see I am sending something about 100kb/s. What is that and how can I cancel sending this information. I am using Jitsi Meet on Firefox client. On the other hand, I know I can cancel out sending information on iPhone App, but I don’t know how to do it on Firefox App.


I just tested it and it seems normal to me. When you mute we are sending audio packets only, which are marked as silence this is how both chrome and firefox works and those packets are dropped on the jvb and do not reach the other end. But what I see is that the stats in the UI are broken, and I suppose this is why you see 100kb/s, sending silence should be around 20. We will be working on those soon and will fix them.


Thank you for your response. So, this means the bandwidth is not used when I am mute by sending my silence? In this case, it would be OK.