Sending and Receiving custom events in lib-jitsi-meet


I would like to know that how can we send and receive custom events in lib-jitsi-meet.

For instance, I want to send aa custom event named MAKE_DOMINANT_SPEAKER and pass a user id to everyone in the meeting.
and then I want to receive that event in all other participants device and make the participant with given user id the dominant speaker.

Where do I need to make changes?
I’m pretty sure that it would require changes in lib-jitsi-meet.

Does it require changes in Jicofo too?
and what changes do I need in lib jitsi?

I check room.on(). So, shall I use it for thi purpose?


It would be great if you could help me out with it @damencho

I need this too, have you figured it out?

Did you find anything ? @techayush