sendCommandOnce not firing for late joiners / those who refresh

I am using lib-jitsi-meet to implement my own frontend for jitsi-meet. I use room.sendCommandOnce('command',{value:value}) to send some commands to my rooms. for those who are present at the moment, this works fine, but those who refresh the page or join later than the time that the command was executed, the command listener doesn’t fire for them. room.addCommandListener() for every command is executed before room.join().
Is there a way to make this working or a better way to send conference-lasting commands through the conference?
Thanks in advance
P.S: It was working fine till yesterday, today I re-installed a fresh install of jitsi and in stopped working.

Don’t use the send command once method, but use just send command.

If i use sendCommand, every time i fire a new command all previous commands will be fired which is not very good. can we somehow prevent that?

Well command can have a state and you can handle your logic only on state changed … this is how raiseHand is implemented.