Send video from a device's front and back camera simultaneously

As a sign language interpreter, I work in a lot of “VRI” settings (Video Remote Interpreting). Often times there is an iPad onsite, and I’m at home interpreting a conversation between two individuals in the same room with the iPad. In some settings, such as a classroom, I need to be able to see the deaf client (front camera) and the teacher/whiteboad (back camera) at the same time.

Would it be possible to use Jitsi to send video from both cameras at the same time? Could the two video feeds appear to be from two different “participants” (i.e. a “virtual participant”)? If not, it might be acceptable to have both feeds coming through a single participant. It seems that modern iPads (e.g. M1) have enough processing power to handle streaming video from both cameras.

Thank you for considering!

I did not try it yet for that but maybe the new screen sharing feature could be used - it’s available in latest stable (7210) but not enabled by default (lookup flags section in config.js and multi-stream in bridge configuration)

Thanks for the reply, but I don’t understand how screen sharing would help the use case I described. Can you explain more?

I have a similar demand, and I don’t know if it can be realized. Can it be done in

Add examples, thank you.

Maybe I did not understand your use case, I was under the impression that you wanted 2 cams on a single computer to provide 2 tiles on the Jitsi-meet view. Until last stable, if you share your screen, your own view could only be provided in a small thumbview (Picture in picture).
The new version allow to create a ‘fake participant’ displaying the shared screen in a normal tile (much bigger than the usual thumbview).
So the idea was that your user was showing the normal user view with one cam, with the other cam, either using a vanilla desktop app to display the cam, let’s say ffplayer under Linux for example or another browser or even the same browser with another tab (if it’s Chromium based - Firefox can’t do that IIRC), and displaying the other app/tab with the screen sharing.
It’s a workaround because vanilla Jitsi-meet can’t do what you want straight out of the box even with latest version, but it could now be relatively straightforward even without using tools like OBS that that is more elaborate for many users.

please don’t hijack threads. Your linked item seems to imply that it’s about custom development.
If you want to do development, keep to your own questions under the appropriate tag.

Thanks for taking the time to expound. I’m not sure if it will work for my use case, though. Since most laptops don’t have two cameras (front and back), I’d have to add a USB webcam. And using something like ffplayer is a little bit above the comfort level of my users (who are pretty basic).

I’d love to work on a first-class solution. I’m thinking about using some programming resources to see if we can do something in Jitsi. Thanks again for your help!

ffplayer was just an example. I’m sure that there are ways to display a camera under Windows too. I have displayed a cam by simply browsing to its IP address. Be aware that programming difficulty mounts very quickly and there is the pesky problem of maintenance to ponder.