Send message with external API

Hi, I started using external API. I want to send a message to jitsi-meet group chat but I didn’t found any directions except sendEndpointTextMessage. But it appears to be a private message. So anyway I wanted to try it. But in docs is api.executeCommand('receiverParticipantId', 'text'); and the command is not found. And this doesn’t work either

api.executeCommand('sendEndpointTextMessage', 'text');

So is there any way to send message (to group chat) via external API?


Yes, use conversejs (, it’s opensource and free.

@gloglas did you able to find any solution?

If you use an empty string as the second argument, the message is sent too all participants.

Also the EndpointTextMessages are different to the chat messages in the Jitsi UI. If you have a handler to deal with received endpoint text messages, you’ll be able to deal with them. however, these will NOT show up in the UI.