Send message in lobby room

Hi everyone,
I realized that jitsi uses the ChatRoom class to create a lobby room. Since it is having the same class like the main room, I am trying to use the sendMessage api on the lobby room instance to send messages to participants in the lobby room but the messages doesn’t get broadcasted to their end. Is there something I am doing wrong? Below is a code snippet of what I did to access the lobby room and send a message.

state['features/base/conference']'My message', 'body') // the moderator to other members in the lobby room

state['features/base/conference']'attendee message', 'body') // the attendee to the lobby room
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FYI this is worked on. Result is supposed to be merged back into public version but unfortunately working version is not published so you can’t take inspiration (or maybe help ?)

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Is there a reason why it doesn’t work

no definite idea, sorry. Maybe it’s because there is no Javascript code to grab them and display them on screen ?

I tried to add an event listener to the lobby room to receive any kind of information while debugging. But I couldn’t get the messages. This is how I added the event listener['features/base/conference']'xmpp.message_received', console.log) // for the attendee['features/base/conference']'xmpp.message_received', console.log) // for the moderator 

Beyond the most generic basic advice, that is, you should take a look at the browser console to see if there are any error messages when you send your message, then if there are none, go to the Prosody server, enable logging debug and look at the message to see if Prosody server complains, if yes take action by looking at the room properties and/or authorizations, and if no take a look at the receiver browser console, I can’t be of more help, sorry.

hi @gpatel-fr. Is this feature now available in latest releases? looks like a really useful feature.

that the issue is still open should give you the hint that it’s still worked on; but it’s not yet buried and forgotten.

Ok, thank you

The feature is now available in unstable (2.0.7007-1) by adding the enableChallengeResponseInLobby: true option to the config.js file.

Hum, where did you saw that :slight_smile: ?

This is the config to disable it: jitsi-meet/config.js at 7522de033a8b698579426cbd9b7e1cefd2206b3b · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

By default, it is enabled.

in the original version, I missed that you renamed it.


how i can use this feature? i enabled it but there are no options in the gui…

You need to use the latest unstable.

ah, thank you. do you know already when it will become stable?

Few weeks to a month, no eta at this point, we pushed a stable this week.

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is there an overview of which new features have been added to the current stable and where they have to be configured?

I found out in the changelog that it seems there are now polls in breakout rooms and this needs to be loaded as modules in the prosody.

are there any other points and is it planned to provide this in the form of an update news? Updating an existing installation is not always easy, and deleting it completely is not always practical.