Send live stream (local network url) in video call

Does jitsi support call from device media (camera, microphone) only or we can send a stream from another device as well?

For my case, I have a device that streams video on a local URL, I want to send this stream (local URL stream) instead of the stream from my phone’s camera to another user who is on call?

Is this possible to achieve this using jitsi?


The only way to do this would be to use software that can read from that local URL and emulate a device (like a camera/microphone).

Not sure if I understand the question but a way you could do that is.

Open the URL in a browser, then share your screen on which the browser is showing the video feed.

That should work.

well, showing an image sure will work. Showing the video correctly is another story…

It Will is an image that is a video though would it not? It is almost like using OBS but then in a simple form. With obs I use jitsi in a web-browser as a source… most people are non-the-wiser and can see the video.