Send http request in jitsi prosody module

I am creating a custom lua module, I want to send and http request in the module so I am using net.http, but when I am sending the request I am getting the following error

attempt to concatenate local ‘conn_type’ (a nil value)

My code is:

http.request(“http://xxxxx”, { method = “GET”; } , function(result)
print(“Response:”, result);

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When I update prosody to version 0.11.6 , it works fine

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Where can we change the version for prosody.

you can follow this, to install latest version of prosody

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thanks, but
running in prosoyd docker

I don’t use docker, I have jitsi self hosted on virutal machine (ubuntu os)

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where do you indicate your version prosody in ubuntu ?

you can use the following command to know the version:
prosodyctl about