Send a video stream from my android app to a new jitsi room

hi, i am new to this community and my goal is the following:
a get a video stream in my android app that can come from different sources(front cam, back cam, connect device, …) and i would like to create a new room in my jitsi server and stream the video to it.
what would be the best way to do this?

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Welcome to the forum.

When you say “video stream”, do you mean live video captured by your camera?

I have a similar use case but I haven’t had time to work on it . .

Thank you @Freddie,
in fact yes but not only the device camera, it can come from ip camera, drones, …
i would like to have like a share button on my video screen that creates a room, send the video to it and allows me to send the jitsi link to everyone i want.

That would be a nice way to use jitsi in deed @Philip_Rhoades_P. Let’s hop we can find some solutions

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