Send a request to focus in server side

hello i want to send a request to focus in server side like
“mute someone”.

so i make a iq stanza.

<iq from='test@meet.jitsi/09ab2d51' id='b953e8d3-5c02-48c2-bde9-d11eb080eecd:sendIQ' type='set' to='' xmlns='jabber:client'><mute xmlns='' jid=''>true</mute></iq>

the code

msg ={ from = from,  type = "set", to = room_name.."", xmlns = "jabber:client", id=uuid_gen()..":sendIQ" })
                        :tag("mute", { xmlns = "", jid=room_address.."/"..target_resource }):text("true"):up();

there is no error and nothing to change.

what i’am wrong?

please help me. thank you!!

hi, how have you solved this problem? any update