Send a custom parameter when using jibri

I have this specific use case where the meeting happens at
I’m using jibri to record this session from here.
Is there a way that when jibri opens this URL, it adds a special parameter to this URL that lets us know that jibri has opened this?
something like -

There is kinda support for extra URL params, CallUrlInfo supports taking them in (, but there’s not currently any API to feed a value into that, so you’d have to rebuild Jibri from source to add something.

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So, I just have to pass something like - private val urlParams: List<String> = listOf('param=param') and it’ll take it from there right?
Also, I’ll have to build a debian package of this script. I read the documentation and found that they ask to call the create_debian_package_script over at
However, I couldn’t find this script anywhere. Could you please help me with that?

You can look at this file for creating the debian package:

If you don’t want to do the debian thing, you can just run mvn package and copy the built jar to the jibri machine and replace the one that’s on there.

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