SelfHosted Conference - Jitsi?

My team uses Slack free for passing info between locations (among other things) and I started playing around with Rocket.Chat as a self hosted alternative in my personal time, but I ran into jitsi for video conference and some basic screen sharing. I like it because it just runs over http and thought it might be a good solution for our offices since pretty much everything is blocked besides http.

Anyone got much experience with Jitsi, or have a better solution?

for reference we are currently running OneScreen Hype which is really nice and not overly expensive. But if we can save a few dollars…

Hi and welcome.
You can start by enabling the Slack integration in your workspace and try it out with your teammates and see how it goes.

TheSlack integration uses directly, which is a deployment in several regions in the world. You can deploy and administer a deployment like this by yourself, but I cannot comment on the Rocket.Chat and how it uses jitsi-meet. I think they have option to integrate with directly, or you can create a self hosted deployment and integrate it with Rocket.Chat … not sure exactly.