Self hosting or not?


Colleagues have recommended Jitsi as an alternative to Zoom. Currently I’m looking for a video tool that I can use to organize meetings with 20-100 people. In the beginning there will probably only be 20.
I have seen that you can install Jitsi on your own server. But without your own infrastructure you can also hold video conferences via

When is hosting on your own server recommended? From a certain number of participants?

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  • More control
  • Customization
  • Optimizing for more than 20 participants

Can you provide a bit more context ?

Will all participants require to use their camera and microphone to actively be involved in the meetings all the time ? See here for an example of customization for a sepcific use-case (yoga classes, one-to-many meetings).

If you don’t need everyone actively involved and only have a few speakers/moderators, a lot of resources can be saved by starting the meeting with everyone’s microphone and video off, then selectively enabling them when participating. Following a few goog practices will help a lot too.

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whatever the number of participants, if you can’t hope for good order of your meeting through self discipline only, that is, if you need the meting software software to help with meeting order, you need self hosting since will not provide any.

Can you provide a bit more context ?

Sure. The meeting will be a one to many meeting. A moderator interviews a VIP person. Camera and microphone of these two persons are always active. The other participants are primarily watching.
However, the moderator can activate a participant’s microphone and camera so that he or she can ask the VIP questions.

Seems to be a good candidate for a small one-server deployment.

Check out the improved Quick install guide, come back here if you need help.