Self-Hosting Jitsi with a Shared Server Host Plan

Hi there!

I didn’t know about the project, first let me tell you a big BRAVO!
Very nice project, I learned about it today, because I got invited for a job meeting…

I loved it and I would like to host it on my own server, but there is a catch…
My hosting plan is a shared server, so I do not have root permissions and therefore I cannot install anything.
The only way this to work is if I can create a subdomain that I would like to access Jitsi Meeting and extract everything there and then just change some cfgs for example to point my subdomain and my database.

Like a portable Jitsi?
Another way is if I install it to a vm and then take the folder change the credentials inside the cfg? to point again my subdomain and database and paste everything into my subdomain.

Is that kind of thing possible with Jitsi?

Thank you for your time reading this.
My best regards!


same problem… waiting for ans.

… to get a VPS.

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Thank you will have a look.