Self hosted on Azure : No audio ( Reload needed)

VM spec : 16 GB Ram & 4 CPUs

Deployment files: Jitsi-Azure - Google Drive

Description : I have a self hosted jitsi running on Azure .
I use jitsi for hosting meetings for around 20 people
The instance is working fine, but sometimes some participants are forced to refresh
the page because they stopped hearing everyone else or they can’t be heared by others.
I couldn’t find any erros in the browser console.
I think the problem comes from Azure because , this never happened when deploying on local server.

I can provide more logs or screenshots if needed.

Please Advise,

What’s your Jicofo and JVB version?
I had that issue just yesterday


That’s old. Like a year old. I suggest upgrade to the July version.

If you’ll try a later version you’ll need to configure the bridge Colibri socket connection

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is the bridge Colibri socket connection used for real time chat of jitsi meet ?
if so do I really need it?
Because I removed the chat boutton from my instance since I don’t use it

This is some erros that shows to some participants