Self-hosted Jitsi Server - Server Requirements?

In a nutshell, we are trying to estimate what sort of server hardware we will need for a self-installed instance of the Jitsi software, and I have not yet found any sort of calculator I can use.

Here are the estimates of usage, but certainly I can clarify anything:

Up to 20 ‘meetings’ each day
Each ‘meeting’ can potentially have up to 100 people, but will stream just 1 user (the one starting the meeting) - the others will just be watching/listening in.
There is a possibility that some meetings will be happening at the same time, but not often.

Is there any way to estimate what hardware requirements we will need for this? I am looking for estimated cores, ram, and disk space.


8 cores, 8GB or better 16GB of RAM with a good network. Very roughly all participants getting HD 100*2.5 ~ 250Mbps upload from the server.