Self-hosted jitsi meet - implementing jwt auth when using the iFrame API

I’m setting a self-hosting jitsi meet, looking for a solution for implementing jwt auth when using the iFrame API.

You can enable JWT auth in your jitsi setup but installing and configuring the token plugin:

There are also links to a few installation guides in this post that sets up Jitsi with JWT auth support - JWT Tokens Install Guide - #11 by umitdogan

As for the iFrame API, you should be able to pass in the token when initialising the API, i.e.

const options = {
   jwt: '<jwt_token>',
const api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, options);

Thanks for replying my post. We will follow your instructions and hopefully get it work.

Would you know how can we implement websocket events, also when self-hosting and using iFrame?