Self host Jitsi features


I am planning to self-host jitsi server on my Linux machine. What are the features I can expect?
Such as from here (, it is mentioned “Remote desktop control through electron integrations”. Can I expect this to be integrated in the self-host server?

“Remote desktop” used to be a feature of the Electron Desktop app, but it’s now disabled due to security reasons. You can build the app independent of a Jitsi server and connect to any Jitsi instance, just like you would do using a browser.

Are you sure this feature is disabled? Because few months ago I saw some people using it. Can this be overturned to enable?
This feature is important for my project.

Yes, you can enable it in your own Electron app build.

Thank you for your reply. Is there any tutorial I can follow to achieve this? Would be really helpful.

This is the Electron SSK: GitHub - jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron-sdk: Jitsi Meet SDK for Electron no extra steps are necessary.

Thank you for your response. I am not looking to download jitsi as an electron app but instead use it as web app with self host. Is there any way that I can use remote control feature with the web app if I self host it? Any way at all?

Remote control can only work in Electron.