Selecting a server

So, there are lots of servers out there. If I choose to pay for a premium server, like 8x8, what is that going to get me, above and beyond the free servers? If I’m selecting between the free servers, what should I be looking for? I see that jitsimeter reports speed, response, privacy, etc. I would think that lowere response times and higher speed would be the best, but won’t that be affected by my location? Is jitsimeter testing from my location? I’m in the USA, and many of the servers listed (including have X in the speed and response time columns. What does that mean?


I just checked and the information provided by jitsimeter is not really accurate in some aspects. is geographically distributed, so it doesn’t have a single location.

As to what paid offerings add on top of a free Jitsi Meet installation, you’d have to check individually. 8x8’s offering, for instance, offers you unlimited recordings, transcriptions, a permanent and private room only you can use, and some more features. In addition you’d be supporting the project.