Select which monitor to share

Hi, I just “dicovered” jitsi meet and I like it very much!

I don’t see in any video conf app the possibility to choose the monitor I want to share, that is not the application or the window. Is it any possible with jitsi? That would make it the really best one as it’s what’s normally needed when you use it for work. I noticed a post in which this operation seems to be possible as it says "choose “Your Entire Screen”, select Screen1 os Screeen 2, but I don’t see this choice.

Thanks for your attention

weird… its by default the first tab on the share screen button , if its not disabled in config.

I can confirm this is an issue. I just tried it and it showed both the monitor I wanted to share and the monitor with my videoconference on! While the infinity mirror effect is amusing, it is probably not what most people expect.

I tested with Chromium 80.0 (Debian GNU/Linux with Gnome desktop).

@Alessandro_Dentella: Are you sure you need to share the whole screen? Are you helping people with OS problems? Personally, I normally need “share application window”, which works great. The folks on the receiving end tell me the text is completely readable as we collaborated as coauthors.

The choice I have is

So “The whole Screen”, “Application Window” or “Chrom Tab”. “Share application windows” is not an option, I tipically need too show both Browser and console or Editor or IDE (PyCharm/VsCode) so typically i need to jump from one to the other that is not possible other than with the whole screen.

The only possible solution is to switch off the secondary monitor that is definitely not comfortable. When selecting both monitors, the result si almost unreadable on the remote application.

Anydesk offers the possibility to the client to switch from one monitor to the other. Hangout, Zoom, Skype act exactly as Jitsi but is honestly very uncomfortable. So I wondered if it is any possible. Honestly, I have not really understood what @ledau suggests. I guess he refers to:

desktopSharingChromeSources: [ 'screen', 'window', 'tab' ],

But rather than selecting a single monitor, as you can see in the image, it offers both of them together.

Thanks in advance for any hints

We are using webrtc for this part, the same as Hangouts and we have no control over this, this is a browser thing.

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