Select sip account for outgoing call


Hi everyone, does anyone know how to select the sip account when calling a contact? I have 3 sip accounts active in jitsi and would like to be able to make outgoing calls to a contact from each of those. How can i select which account is being used to call a contact?

I am using Jitsi 2.10.5550 on Ubuntu 16.04.


Try dialing it, doesn’t it ask you which account to use?
On the other hand if you use the call history to dial the number, the account used when that record was created will be the one automatically chosen.


Thanks for your reply!
It does not ask which account to use, it immediately starts the call.
When creating the contact, i have to select an account (can not add contact without having selected an account). Probably this account is used to make the call. I can not find any way to change this once the contact is created. (BTW, is there any way to edit a contact? I can not find this either…)


Yep, contacts are bound to account.
But you can create 3 contacts for the 3 accounts and then merge them, drag and drop one over another and then try dialing that, we call it ‘meta’ contact and see what happens.


Ok, thanks for the answer!

So i would have to do that for every contact for every account? That seems quite complicated…
Also, i have two different sip accounts on the same server. Unfortunately when i click call the popup looks exectly the same for the two accounts and i can not see which account of the two will be used.
Furthermore, i made a mistake with the number for the second account. The only way to correct this seems to be to delete and recreate, is this true?

I am getting the impression that what i am trying to accomplish with Jitsi and the purpose it was developed for are not a good match…


There is an option to make those accounts seen different, maybe not from the Ui, I don’t remember right now. Check account settings for dispaly name.

Yes, userId is the unique thing for accouts and cannot be chaneged, just delete the account and recreate it.

If you don’t want to create contacts for accounts you can enable any address book integration and you will have multiple searchable contacts not bound to any account.