Select Background button not appearing on iOS devices

To be more specific the button doesn’t appear when using the web version of Jitsi Meet, for starters where is the web version of the code does it control what shows in iOS devices since I couldn’t find it in the config.js file I use.

Sorry, changing backgrounds is not available on mobile at the moment.

are you referring to the native version or the web version? since the web version has the select background button visible on android devices but not visible on iOS devices even though in jitsi-meet/react/features/toolbox/components/web/Toolbox.js there is no _isiOSMobile check for that button

Oh, you are right. My fault.

I have made edits to this comment

do you happen to know what could be the cause?

Normally those are browser/device limitations … but I don’t know the details there. I know at some point that was missing even on web for mobile.

I think this is down to support for CanvasRenderingContext2D.filter.

Predicate for button visibility is here:

And the check is here:

This feature is not available in Safari (both on Mac OS and iOS) which is probably why the button is missing.

Correct 2d canvas blur effects are not implemented in Safari yet. They have an open PR in WebKit, by a team member, so I’m hopeful it will become available soon.

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