Seems Colibri stats are not reliable


I would like to know if its possible that colibri stats are not reliable. I see unrefreshed values on jvb

curl localhost:8080/colibri/stats

“conferences”: 1,
“participants”: 10,

when there is no more conferences and no more participants on a jvb

Did you wait for the stats to refresh? I think there’s a 5-sec or 10-sec refresh time, if I’m not mistaken.

yes, it stays for more than 5 min.

Could have something to do with your Octo implementation. The stats work accurately on my end.

Maybe, it works also at the beginning but it start to break sometimes. May the database be broken or something else ?

There’s no database.

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how are the data stored in JVB, is it a hashmap or something else ? I try to understand how a JVB can display stale data.

i can see some lock in the code

i will try to dig more to see if its really stale data or unclosed connexions or …

any idea are welcome or way to troubleshoot colibri stats module