Seek help in Jigasi


i’m evaluating jigasi transcription and the problem i’m currently facing is the transcript (txt) is generated at the end but nothing can be found inside, similar like this:

Transcript of conference held at Jun 10, 2020 in room
Initial people present at 5:16:20 AM:

Transcript, started at 5:16:20 AM:

<5:16:20 AM> Fellow Jitser joined the conference
<5:16:43 AM> Fellow Jitser left the conference

End of transcript at Jun 10, 2020 5:16:43 AM

the wav file also with zero file size so i hope somebody can shed some light on this issue. thank you

attached jigasi/jicofo log

jicofo.log (11.7 KB) jigasi.log (5.0 KB)

Which version of jigasi is this?
It seems there is some problem with listeners for participants because of ‘participant with identifier 02b8b5f3 left while it did not exist’

hi @damencho

I’m using jigasi/stable 1.1-107-g6928850-1

Can you try latest from unstable? It is jigasi_1.1-120-g5f9f6f7.

hi @damencho

thanks for the advice, will have a try