Seeing inconsistent caps node attribute in jicofo presence


We are using build 417 of jicofo and when starting a conference, the caps node in jicofo’s presence message is sometimes and other times it is This seems to not impact the behavior of the client but might cause problems if someone is depending on the node attribute.

It seems like something is happening when jicofo is starting up. The node attr is consistent while jicofo is running but running the same build again sometimes yields the other value for the node.


I did a series of tests running the same build of jicofo multiple times and seeing which node showed up in jicofo’s presence message. It looks like it ends up being the smack node about 50% of the time.

Run Caps-Node
1 Smack
2 Smack
3 Jitsi
4 Jitsi
5 Jitsi
6 Jitsi
7 Jitsi
8 Smack
9 Smack
10 Smack
11 Jitsi
12 Smack
13 Smack
14 Jitsi
15 Jitsi
16 Smack
17 Smack
18 Jitsi
19 Jitsi
20 Smack