See users in a room


we want to see for a specific room name the users that are currently inside that room. Maybee the number of users is also ok for us.

We have some topic-based meeting rooms, and there will see if there are still persons in that rooms.

We will do this without entering each room, maybe there is some API that can deliver this information for us.

thx :slight_smile:

Depending on how often you need this data and the level of details you need, there are at least 3 possible options:

  1. using the room-census prosody module
  2. using the event-sync prosody module
  3. using Jicofo Log Analyzer script

See the following posts:

But does this also work with the SaaS instance or only a self-hosted instance?

Those options are for self-hosted instances.

You definitely wouldn’t be able to do that for; it would be a privacy issue if it were possible to query for participant names without joining a room.

For JaaS, I’m afraid I don’t use it much so can’t tell you what the best way is. But one option might be to subscribe to participant events using webhooks, and in your own backend you can then infer who is in which room at any given time.