Dear all,

I just installed jitsi on my tablet and there is no option to make a password before setting up any video chat. I only see the option of entering a room name and at that moment there is a warning coming up to press the security button. But there is none. When creating a room before even setting up a password someone entered the room and showed me his penis. I really didn’t care much but it’s at least annoying because I wanted to use it for a classroom meeting where I need the tablet. The tablet version is not good and functional. Could you give me any advice ? I have only Settings, Term and privacy and not any other function to secure a meeting even before I set up properly and starting it.

There is no red security button. For that very reason I will not use it for my classroom meeting.

With best regards

Welcome to the forum.

So sorry you had such a horrible experience.

Unfortunately, the way Jitsi is designed, you can only set a password after starting the meeting (creating the room). Because the public instance of Jitsi is meant to be open to everyone and does not require any kind of user information, passwords are not implemented prior to entering the room. To prevent having such an awful experience next time, please set a password IMMEDIATELY upon creating the room. And you can also consider enabling the Lobby feature, so that way, if anyone tries to come in without a password, you would have to let them in, if you choose.

Sorry again and happy jitsi-ing!