Security settings. There is no information on the main screen

In previous releases, an orange shield was visible to all users during the conference, if the room password was not set. And green - if the room is protected.
In the latest release, this indicator is hidden in the menu and it is unclear for many users whether protection is installed or not.

How can I put this shield on the main screen for all users or put the message “conference is protected” or “conference is NOT protected”?

Can it be somehow to move the “security settings” button (shield) from the pop-up menu to the main panel?
Or swap an existing button on the control panel, for example, “chat” to “shield”?

How to do it?

I don’t think it’s possible given this in config.js:

    // Notes:
    // - it's impossible to choose which buttons go in the "More actions" menu
    // - it's impossible to control the placement of buttons

if it’s that important for you, it will be necessary to build your own UI with the iFrame Api.

Yep, this was dropped a while ago and we are working on some redesigns, that will bring that information in the new top bar.

How long to wait for these changes?

There is no ETA, sorry.

hi @damencho i’ve searched for this info but not able to find a solution. Will the info button ever come back? The phone number and pin are way too hidden in sub-menus for a first time user to find. I couldn’t even find it. I even went as far as copying the “more numbers” link from old server/website and pasted it/renamed it to reflect the new website just to get the number/pin. After words i stumbled totally by mistake where it actually is displayed now.

So to repeat the question again:
Will the info button come back?
Or is there a way to display this dial-in info on the main screen?
Or any other possible solution?

Here are screenshots from how it used to be vs how it is now:

Thank you!


I don’t think the info button is coming back, sorry.