Security question

Ok, so it has been a while now since I have used this source code made by quite a few devs.
I wanted to ask: have you updated jitsi now so only the room owner has access / can see the password options?
That’s the only best security I can think of to stop anyone else getting to these options.
I would have guessed by now you would have done that as I have.
I am hoping you have rewritten the security since I last posted on here.
I see you have something on Moderators? is that done now?
Have you made it so people can PM each other by putting an @ in front of there names or nicknames
or maybe it would be good to add if it is not already there?
I haven’t looked yet so bear with me if I’m behind :wink: its been a long weekend :slight_smile:

Many thanks.

Have you implemented any new security methods yet like Maybe a control panel for the room owner to mute and shut down there webcams yet?
Is there any new ideas coming out for the trollers that go into a chatroom playing porn?
The lobby idea was a bad idea for people trying to use jitsi as a go to place to chat because as far as I know its still wide open for attacks.
Let me help you with an idea using the firewall as the DC method so people can be banned from the room using the firewall, but only the room owner has these controls.
It should be easy to write a small script that once a connection is kicked it automatically puts there ip in the firewall, it’s easy and quick , I know this method worked great for me when I was making chat clients, you could make it so it knows who ip is connected to each user. its possible.