Security issue - I just logged in to another discussion - by accident

Hi there!
I just learned about jitsi 30 minutes ago, visited jitsi-meet and wanted to test it.
I thought of whom i’d like to talk to and typed “papa” into the “start new meeting” field.
immediately I got forwarded to an ongoing french discussion between two people. They didn’t notice I was listening. This sounds very insecure to me…
I’d rather prefer an anonymized link for each new meeting room, so there can be parallel meeting rooms with the same name - and without even knowing who talks about the same topic as well.

This usually happens when people choose to go in meetings with common names. Such as “test” or “coffeebreak”. We strongly recommend that people use the 4 word combinations that we run on the web site.

We are also working on an article that explains this and on adding in-app warnings against short names.