Securedomain with anonymous guest

Hi I installed jitsi meet. it works fine. Now I am trying to install secure domain. I follwed It works partly: everybody needs to log on with userdomain and password which i have to make with prosodyctl. Then all users are able to log in.
I added : ```
VirtualHost “
authentication = “anonymous”
c2s_require_encryption = false

After I had found a solution for 3 or more participants, it alo seems to have solved the problem with the secure domain. I follwed all the step in de jitsi instruction

and commented and also uncommented it. No change. Can anybody give me a hint ?

I change this line in meet config based on this by
L jmerinchuk12d

Did you modify the config file in /etc/jitsi/meet folder to have the anonymousdomain and not just the config.js file in the actual project?

You have to uncomment the line in that file. That solved one of my issues previously.
// When using authentication, domain for guest users.
anonymousdomain: ‘’,

and now all the password logins are gone…

so i made the above commentedagain and uncommented

// Domain for authenticated users. Defaults to .
authdomain: ‘’,

After this everybody have to login in again ? I am a bit lost, where to look for a solution