Secure octo

I had jitsi version 6865 with 3 jvbs and oct setup.
I added a new video bridge, but this bridge is not able to participate in the oct config. I think issue is this is new version of jvb and new version has secure octo if i am correct.
Any documents are available for secure octo setup? not to make this one working but i can set up and test new shrad.
Thank you

If all components (jicofo, jvb, jitsi-meet etc) are not the same version, this may cause several issues. IMO the best way is cloning an existing JVB to create a new one or upgrading the whole cluster

Thanks emrah, actually I am using your cluster script and i added using add-jvb-node, I am not sure if this downloads new version or uses one from existing version.

I can create a new cluster in minutes, thanks to you. But wanted to understand secure octo too.

It always installs the latest stable. You may clone a JVB container from a working one and copy it to the new server if you want to keep the version the same

On the old JVB server

# stop container
lxc-stop -n eb-jvb

# create tar.gz
tar czf /tmp/jvb.tar.gz /var/lib/lxc/eb-jvb

# restart the container
lxc-start -n eb-jvb

Copy this tar.gz to the new server. The easy way is to do it on the JMS.


# get the tar.gz from the old JVB
scp -F /root/.ssh/jms-config OLD-JVB-IP:/tmp/jvb.tar.gz /tmp/

# copy it to the new JVB
scp -F /root/.ssh/jms-config /tmp/jvb.tar.gz NEW-JVB-IP:/tmp/

On the new JVB, install the JVB container from tar.gz

# stop the current container
lxc-stop -n eb-jvb

# destroy the current container
lxc-destroy -n eb-jvb

# create JVB container from tar.gz
cd /
tar zxf /tmp/jvb.tar.gz

# start the container
lxc-start -n eb-jvb
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