Secure meetings without users needing to input a password or register an account?

Is using the lobby feature enough? Ideally they wouldn’t need to create their own accounts on my server either, including for privacy reasons.


Yes, you can just enable the lobby feature - it acts as an access gateway monitor.

I should mention also that even if you implement “secure domain” requiring the Moderator (authenticated user) to log in with assigned credentials, guests do not need anything beside the URL to join the meeting (if you don’t require a password).

Yea, I was thinking of doing both; I just misunderstood that secure domain requires all users to register accounts. Also, if a user clicks my link before I start the meeting, would they enter a waiting room sort of thing or would the link only work after I start the meeting?

The link becomes active once a person uses it. However, if you implement “secure domain”, no one will be able to enter the room before you authenticate yourself as the moderator. So anyone that clicks the link will be told the meeting is waiting for the moderator (to authenticate).