Secure Domains with a twist! (is it possible?)

Hello community!

We are running an instance of jitsi-meet since march and it is getting a lot of unexpected traction from out customers!

Our instance uses Secure domain with prosody etc.

My boss asked me to investigate some solutions to ease the load on the IT team.

  1. Is there a UI available (that is tested and stable) to assist in the creation of moderator profiles. So far I have only seen dead or half baked projects on the subject.

  2. How can I use a full (external) domain name as a username in prosodyctl? (ie.

  3. Would it be possible to enable a full domain as admin, with the same password for all user? some sort of wildcard… (ie: any_username@pre-authorised_domain)

  4. Is there a module available that has a feature that gives a meeting moderator the ability to grant a guest-user temporary moderator access (and revoke them after)

  5. What is the best way to remove functions (ie. screen Sharing) for guests in the UI ?

Have a nice day!

with Jitsi out of the box, it is not possible. The XMPP standard forbids the use of @ in a user name. I think that if you manage the authentication yourself, there could be the possibility to escape the @ character to hide it from Prosody. I don’t know about external authentication. FTR I had looked at the wordpress plugin source code for another poster who had problems and I think that the plugin had implemented escaping of @ character, but I’m not sure - the OP stopped to reply at some point. See here

about your other questions, I have no idea. My 2 cents is that if you are asked several unrelated questions you should not bunch them in a single forum topic, it does no good to your chances at having replies.

Thank you @gpatel-fr, I will have a look at the post you referred.

You are right about bunching my questions but since they all revolve around secure domain, I did not want to disperse the information… I will see If I post then in several subjects later…