Secure domain

Hi, After following the steps for secure domain, I have enabled internal_hashed and also added the jicofo configuration as well.

I noticed one issue with secure domain, these are the steps below.

  1. I have enabled, internal_hashed in the main virtual host.
  2. Added to jicofo and restarted the jicofo and prosody service
  3. I enter the room StiffDirectorsEncourageSure
  4. I’m prompted for waiting for host
  5. I open another tab
  6. open the same meeting room again, StiffDirectorsEncourageSure
  7. I’m prompted waiting for host
  8. I click on I am the host
  9. I enter username and password.
  10. Authentication is successfull.
  11. Both the users are moderators.

both the users, the one who created the room and also the one who was waiting for the moderator to let him in is also the moderator.

I can reproduce this on 0.11.5 and also 0.10.0

@damencho can you please suggest what to do here?