Secure domain with Jitsi meet Iframe API


I am using jitsi meet Iframe API in one of my project. I am facing one issue with secure domain setup.

After enabling secure domain, it ask for username and password, but i am using Iframe API and want to set this username password programmatically.

I have already read the Iframe API documentation but there is no option to set username password for secure domains.

Please help.

There is no such feature in the moment in the iframeAPI. Any PRs are welcome.

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Thanks for the reply.
Is it possible to pass username password for secure domain via URL ?

You can use jwt token

Nope. Jibri is using localstorage for that, this means you need to store the username and password in the localstorage in clear text. jibri/JibriSelenium.kt at 268e33d8dd865a40935df2dacbf5e761727df858 · jitsi/jibri · GitHub