Secure Domain & Search Field


I hope you can answer this question.
After installing secure domain; is it possible , in the native apps, to still use the search field (“Enter Room Name”) to connect users when the search matches an existing video chat room (a secure domain).

Of course, if there is not a match, a error message would need to be shown.

I think this is implemented and working. The mobile should act as web, will show a dialog saying that the host is not there and is waiting for it to join or do you want to authenticate if you are the host. This is in the case with the guests (anonymous domain enabled).

Fantastic…thank you

Just to confirm…please advise is that the message that is displayed if there is not match with an existing video chat room?

Yep that is shown when there is no host in that room.

Thank you.
Do you know if it would be possible to set up two different messages with secure domain installed?
The first message - displayed when there is a search match and the host is not available.
The second message - displayed when there is no search match.

You will need UI/mobile modifications and modifications in jicofo.

Ok thank you