Secure domain roadmap fro manual install depolyment?


Hey gang… I told you I’d be back with another fleet of questions…

I have successfully deployed the EZ install on a VM and it was running lovely.

Due to the nature of customization-ability I of course needed to build another machine with the sources which will most likely become my pre-production test server.

on the new server I am attempting to follow the secure domain advice i found in one of the threads but ran into a couple of hurdles .
I chose to instead of smashing my head into the desk, roll back to a snapshot state prior to that attempt and post a request for help here.
Where would I find the proper installation/modification procedures for securing an /opt/jitsi-meet install from source deployment?




Take a look at:


Thanks Saghul. I appreciate that,
I’ll take a look.


DOH! I mistyped the entry…


Ok, so here is an interesting behavior…

I have followed the directions to the T as I can see,
I have changed my root domain virtual host to authentication =“internal_plain” and created the
virtual host with authentication=“anonymous”

I have also added the anonymousdomain: to my [hostname]-config.js

and the change to the file.
The interesting this is that when I comment out the anonymousdomain host in the config.js it asks for authentication from room creator and guests attempting to contact the running room. but when I enable anonymous host anyone can create or join any room willy-nilly as if the root domain auth rule didnt exsist.
Im having some trouble unerstanding the mechanics behind this… and of course getting it running properly…

Thanks again

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I was able to fix this same issue by re-installing fresh.

This other forum post led me to it.