Secure Domain question (noob)



noob question about secure domain configuration: in my project there will be many user that need to have the right of “Moderator” so i’d think the Secure Domain function could be usefull for my scenario, may question is if all the “moderator” user need to access in his specific room with the same password?

Or is possible setup for example 100 differents couple of username/passwords and give a couple to every “moderator” so they can “login” and start the own meeting?

Thanks and sorry for this noob question.



Currently you cannot bind username/password to a room. So basically your second option is the correct one, just create accounts and give them to moderators.


Ok so with this command

–> prosodyctl register

i could create all my username/password couples and give it to my moderator1, moderator2, ecc ecc

So when the moderator1 could use his username/password copule for access to any rooms?

Until this username/password is valid the moderator could enter in any rooms like Moderator?

Question: how i can delete a couple of username/password?

Or there is a API or PHP script for manage this add/remove scenario?

Thanks so much





a question about the Token system for protect the access:

  1. Could be possible active the Token access + Guest Access?
    So the moderator will access with token in a room and the normal user access with Guest Access in the same room?

  2. With Token could be possible setting up a “Room creation start date”? I mean that the Moderator cannot enter in the room before a specific date or time?


  1. There is an option to enter without token, but to the room will be created by the guest.
  2. Nope


Hello and thanks for the answer, about point 1, i found this post --> [jitsi-users] auth token + guest access

In this post is asked the possibility to let the Modertaro to enter with Token and the Guest user enter without token in the same room?

Could be possible?



I see my last post there, maybe it is possible, try ot out. I forgot abou these rooms options.


Ok thanks so maybe could be possible, ok i’ll do some test and share with you the result