Secure Domain - Firefox vs Chrome

I have One room with specifi name “room1”

This room was one time created, by my login in prosody.

and now what is a problem.

at firefox when i connect to this name of room, i must put user_login and password.
In Chrome, its goes directly to the room without password. To new created room its wants password, but to this specific room, its go through without pass.

now i checked what made prosody:

When i connect from FF - there is in MUC new created room “room1” and after i hangsout, room is destroyed
From chrom its look in prosody console exactly same like i am connected from FF.

So my opionion is that there is something store in Chrome, thats allow me direct join room without login and password.

PS by the way, in Firefox v67 i had problem with video… i can see just my self, other participients see me.

Have you tried in incognito in Chrome? There is a session-id stored in local storage which skips asking for user and password and authenticate the user(by default this is for 24 hours), this can be turned off by setting a jicofo property: org.jitsi.jicofo.auth.DISABLE_AUTOLOGIN=true

thanks its help authorization is now required each time