Secure Domain Config Problem w/ Jitsi Meet (Blank Screen)


From these instructions I now have a blanked out dark grey screen. I don’t know how to troubleshoot as I followed the instructions to the letter. Thanks for your help.


Check your config.js for a missing comma in the hosts section.
When you see problems like this, you can open the javascript console and check for errors, in this case I think the error will be visible there.


There was a comma was missing and another element was missing in another file. It’s all finished; it works! It asks if I am the host and prompts for a password. Thanks for your help! You can close this topic if you want to.


Did you add the part in jicofo config, did you restart jicofo? What about the prosody config, did you restart prosody?


Did both and yes, I got the login screen after attempting to create a new room. Thanks for your help. :slight_smile: